Living in the Present Moment

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"The workshop showed me that my thoughts are not me, and that my inner self remains untouched by my thoughts. I now understand the pairs of opposites and that there's no need to try and push them away, because they will pass." Michele
"During the workshop I saw that I was stuck on something I wasn't really aware of - and that it's easy to shift my perception of it." Marilyn
"The CD is a masterpiece!"
"I'm going through a transition in my life and I'm anxious. These tools have helped me. Thank you!" Sue
"These tools have taught me that living in the past or the future does nothing for my present moment." Ruth
"It has been very powerful for me to become the observer of my thoughts. In the meditation, I felt like I came home." Beverly
"The workshop gave me an awareness of my inner self and started my journey of meditation. It deepened my understanding of "duality" and the importance of acceptance and letting go." Christine
"After the workshop, I find I can now control my thoughts and feelings. I am able to step away mentally, and honestly observe myself - what I'm thinking, feeling and doing - with less self-judgment. I saw how I wrote the stories in my life and that I can rewrite them at any time. I became aware of who I really am." Joan
"During my (Present Moment) meditation the peace became indescribable and my senses felt as if I had been cleansed. I had the feeling when I returned, that I must have entered heaven for a period of time. The tranquility was so beautiful - it felt as if it was a precious gift..." Shirley
"This is the first time I've ever been able to meditate and it was very calming and satisfying." Kathy




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"This CD is a perfect balance of background music and spoken word. Ms. Henning's voice and diction have a quality that makes listening to her messages a real pleasure. This is a CD that you will listen to over and over, not only when you want inner peace, but just for shear pleasure, and maybe, if you grasp her messages, you can truly be "living in the present moment." Joe