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Living in the Present Moment

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"This CD is a perfect balance of background music and spoken word. The music is relaxing and combined with the very soothing voice of Ms. Henning, one can't help but to fall into a relaxed state after a day of stress. Her voice and diction have a quality that makes listening to her messages a real pleasure. This is a CD that you will listen to over and over, not only when you want to just relax, but just for shear pleasure, and maybe, if you grasp her messages, you can truly be "living in the present moment." Joe

Living in the Present Moment:
Everyday Tools & Practices CD

This is an incredible CD, perhaps unlike anything you've ever heard before. Since its release in October 2009, it has received fantastic responses -- people love it!

The harmonizing music and soothing vocals presented on this CD have been professionally recorded, and are peaceful, meditative, and beautifully woven together for a complete body, mind and spirit experience of the present moment. The five tracks of music were carefully selected and every word thoughtfully chosen to create this "album" that is sure to lift your spirits, warm your soul, and quite possibly, transform your life!

With a graceful flow throughout the CD, the listener is guided through simple steps that help them relax, unwind and experience peace. Gently ease into the quiet rhythm of your breath; watch as a simple smile opens your heart and changes the ambiance of your day; sit quietly in meditation with your eyes closed and turn your attention within and enjoy deep, inner tranquility.

Listen at your leisure to the wonderful sounds of "Living in the Present Moment: Everyday Tools & Practices" CD. Take the tools with you wherever you go ... give them a try and watch what happens! Enjoy!
Listen at your leisure and enjoy the wonderful sounds -
then use the tools to stay relaxed and present throughout your day!




Self-Discovery, Meditation, Transformation

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